An Unpaid Advertisement for the Best Vegan Protein Powder Ever

Since going vegan six years ago, I have tried a lot of vegan protein — at this point, well over 40 different brands and flavors. I have written countless guides to vegan protein, but had still not found a protein powder that I could one-thousand-percent stand by. A protein powder that I could drink literally every day and not get sick of. A protein powder that I enjoy so much that I’m writing a completely unsponsored post solely dedicated to how good it is (though I will post a referral link).

That protein is KOS’s Organic Chocolate Superfood Plant Protein Powder (link to amazon). Specifically, the chocolate flavor. The Vanilla is decent, but not quite as good as the chocolate.

Is the protein powder cheap? No, at ~$2/a serving it’s one of the pricier protein powders on the market. But it tastes so good, even with plain water! I have never had a protein powder go down as smoothly with nothing else but a blended glass of water.

The plant protein is completely organic, and consists of protein blend of pea, flax, quinoa, pumpkin seed, and chia. It is gluten-free and soy-free.

That’s the end of the post. I have finally found my protein-partner, and felt a need to share it. I hope you enjoy.

If you want to keep learning, you can check out my complete guide to vegan protein.

Meet Nathan

Nathan loves to learn and share. A lifelong vegan, he spends his time working towards the goal of a cruelty-free world. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S in economics, and wants to inspire conscious consumption in the food industry.

You can find him obsessing over volleyball in San Francisco.

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